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CoGeneration Locomotives

CoGenerationTM allows locomotive owners to reduce fuel consumption and emissions through practices including regenerative braking without sacrificing the practicality and performance of traditional single engine locomotive platforms. 

Powerfully Efficient. Environmentally Driven.

BROOKVILLE’s multi-engine gen-set technology is an innovative way to reduce emissions and comply with diesel emissions standards without sacrificing power or performance. BROOKVILLE CoGenerationTM locomotives provide power through two or three power sources which come online and go offline depending upon cargo demands. This solution provides power when you need it and limits emissions and fuel consumption when you don’t.

CoGeneration BL21CG

Lovomotive Division - Loco New Paint

The 2100-horsepower BROOKVILLE combines three 700 horsepower low-emissions engines for a 2100 horsepower maximum power output. With a modular design, maintenance, troubleshooting and testing of power packages is easier than ever before. Spare modular power packages provide operators more flexibility than ever before. In addition to reducing emissions outputs, BROOKVILLE CoGeneration locomotives reduce fuel consumption, helping improve bottom lines for short line, regional, and passenger railroads.

CoGeneration BL14CG

Lovomotive Division - MTA300

Featuring two 700hp low-emissions engines, the 1400 horsepower BL14CG features BROOKVILLE’s unique modular CoGeneration power packages. Other locomotive features include a welded heavy-duty frame, wide cab design, regenerative braking, and a state-of-the-art locomotive control system.

CoGeneration BL12CG


The BROOKVILLE BL12CG locomotive features two 600 horsepower gen-sets for a combined total power output of up to 1200 horsepower. Featuring a heavy duty frame, state-of-the-art locomotive control system, regenerative braking, and classic wide cab design for easy bi-directional movement, the BL12CG is the newest addition to BROOKVILLE’s CoGeneration line of locomotives.

CoGeneration Kits

BROOKVILLE CoGeneration Kit

BROOKVILLE’s CoGeneration technology features a truly modular design, simplifying rail operator upgrades to this environmentally friendly and fuel efficient power system.  CoGeneration kits include a engine, alternator, engine cooling system, traction motor blowers, self-contained electrical cabinet, and locomotive traction control system and is ideal for railroad operators seeking a pre-engineered system that can be integrated by an internal team of experienced locomotive technicians.