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Freight Locomotives

BROOKVILLE is freight locomotive and industrial locomotive productivityEngineered and designed to meet specific applications, BROOKVILLE freight locomotives, industrial locomotives, and diesel locomotives offer solutions to moving materials safely and efficiently.

Power with a Purpose

BROOKVILLE partners with short line and regional railroads to develop custom locomotive solutions designed to meet your specific demands. Featuring environmentally driven power packages, BROOKVILLE’s custom locomotives feature FRA-compliant welded frames and incorporate the latest technologies to optimize performance, safety and efficiency. Optional features include locomotive control systems providing improved adhesion, real-time diagnostics and analytics, and complete drive system controls.

BL20G Freight Locomotives

Freight Locomotives - Freight BL20G

The BROOKVILLE BL20G is a service-proven diesel-electric locomotive ideal for short haul, switching and maintenance duties. Featuring an EPA-compliant 2250 horsepower engine, state-of-the-art locomotive control system, and one of the strongest and well-built locomotive frames in the industry, the BL20G is designed to add utility and value to the fleets of short line, regional and passenger railroads.

DES-70B Switching Locomotives

Freight Locomotives - DES-70B Switcher

Featuring a center cab design for easy bi-directional movement, the 72-ton BROOKVILLE DES-70B two-axle switcher is designed for small switching and maintenance applications for short line and regional railroads, rail yards and utility applications for passenger railroads. A state-of-the-art locomotive control system and EPA-compliant engine of up to 600 horsepower deliver an efficient and powerful combination.

Diesel-Hydraulic Industrial Switching Locomotives

Freight Locomotives - BROOKVILLE Switchers End Cab

Available in either center cab or end cab designs, BROOKVILLE diesel-hydraulic industrial switching locomotives range from 45 to 120 tons and are designed for operation at lower speeds requiring high tractive effort. Additional features include automatic sliding couplers for tight turning radiuses and climate controlled cabs for operator comfort.