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Locomotive Modernization

BROOKVILLE has provided a solution for a locomotive operator to turn their locomotive into an ultra low emission electric locomotive utilizing their own people in their own facility.  BROOKVILLE's CoGenerationTM technology is now offered in a kit package to make installation easy and affordable accompanied with on-site BROOKVILLE support. 

New Life

BROOKVILLE can overhaul your existing locomotives to be more productive, more reliable, emit cleaner emissions, decrease fuel consumption, and become more maintenance friendly through various modernization options.  BROOKVILLE's expertise is not only performing routine electric locomotive overhauls but modernizing locomotives to outperform their original capabilities for decades to come.

Prime Mover

Locomotive Modernization - EngineBROOKVILLE works closely with multiple engine manufacturers to provide clean, reliable, and maintenance friendly replacement prime mover engines.  We have built these relationships with various engine manufacturers so we have the ability to provide the engine our customers desire. Please contact us to discuss prime mover engine options for your electric locomotive. 

Locomotive Control Systems

Locomotive Modernization  - 5-Unit Model

Optimize your locomotive fleet's performance and improve efficiency with a modern locomotive control system. BROOKVILLE integrates a variety of locomotive control systems that allow for improved wheel slip control, touch screen operator interfaces and major component controlling, instant engine diagnostics, and automatic engine stop start. Contact BROOKVILLE today to learn more about the locomotive control systems that meet your specific locomotive needs.