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BROOKVILLE Light Rail Awards Liberty Modern Streetcar

BROOKVILLE's off-wire capable Liberty Modern Streetcar was honored as the Technical Innovation of the Year at the 2015 Global Light Rail Awards in London.

Passenger locomotive manufacturers

Passenger Locomotives

Continued focus on customer needs and high quality engineering and manufacturing has allowed BROOKVILLE to emerge as a leading manufacturer of modern passenger locomotives.


BROOKVILLE's all new passenger locomotives are designed to the specific needs of each agency.  We work strategically with the agency to ensure complete satisfaction offering reduced emissions, greater fuel savings and higher reliability for increased on time performance. 

Passenger BL36PH

BROOKVILLE Eagle Commuter Locomotive

The BROOKVILLE BL36PH is the next generation of diesel-electric passenger locomotives for North America.  Among the cleanest passenger locomotives being delivered in the United States, the locomotive is constructed with a modern all-steel aerodynamic nose and a semi-monocoque frame allowing for a stylish lightweight and safe locomotive.

Safety and comfort for the operator of this locomotive is provided from the desk style operator’s console located in the crashworthy cab built to comply with the current federal standards for locomotive crashworthiness.  The operator has improved cab ergonomics, as well as better visibility from reduced blind spots from three large front and two side windows.

The locomotive has been highly engineered to ensure the safety, efficiency and reliability for passenger railway systems. 

Multipurpose BL20GH

Lovomotive Division - MNR115

The multiple purpose BL20GH locomotive offered by BROOKVILLE is a versatile locomotive solution.  It allows for the reliability of an everyday passenger locomotive with the visibility and power of a rescue and maintenance locomotive.

Equipped with a powerful 2250 horsepower main engine coupled with a separate Head End Power (HEP) the locomotive is designed to fulfill all locomotive duties needed on a passenger railway system .

This locomotive is ideal for start-up or small passenger lines where one locomotive can serve all areas of locomotive power needs.  This design has also been successful on branch service of large passenger railways such as Metro North Railroad.