BROOKVILLE Light Rail Awards Liberty Modern Streetcar

BROOKVILLE's onboard energy storage system (OESS) for its off-wire capable Liberty Streetcar was honored as the Technical Innovation of the Year at the 2015 Global Light Rail Awards in London. In 2018, BROOKVILLE was awarded Manufacturer of the Year.



Solutions for Mass Transit

Power for the People

Since entering the public transit market in 2002 with the supply of propulsion systems and truck sets to New Orleans Regional Transit Authority’s world-renowned ‘Red Lady’ replica Perley A. Thomas streetcars, BROOKVILLE has continued to evolve and expand its product portfolio through the manufacture, remanufacture and restoration of rail-mounted vehicles for passenger transit.

Today, BROOKVILLE’s portfolio includes the supply of world-class, American-made transit vehicles to the United States' most prominent transit agencies, including heritage streetcar restorations, innovative low-floor modern streetcar solutions, versatile multipurpose locomotives, and environmentally-driven passenger locomotives.

Liberty Streetcars

Introduced in 2012, BROOKVILLE’s low-floor, off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars offer cutting edge technology designed, developed and manufactured by an American workforce to support the American streetcar renaissance and help drive economic development in cities coast to coast. Available in two body widths, Liberty Streetcars feature over 70 percent low-floor area and an automatic self-leveling system for a seamless loading and unloading experience for all riders.


Onboard Energy Storage System
Liberty Streetcars optionally feature a redundant onboard energy storage system (OESS) – including lithium ion battery and supercapicator solutions, capable of extended off-wire runs of over one mile in urban areas where overhead catenary is not possible or desired. BROOKVILLE recently developed its first two off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars for the City of Dallas’ Oak Cliff Streetcar project, marking the first time in history American designed and manufactured extended off-wire capable modern streetcars were delivered to a United States city.

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Heritage Streetcars

With a proven portfolio that includes major contributions to 70 streetcars currently in operation in American cities, BROOKVILLE remains committed to developing custom solutions for restoring and modernizing streetcars for current and future customers who seek to preserve a piece of their city’s history. BROOKVILLE’s range of services includes complete carbody restorations, propulsion upgrades, traction motor rewinding and replacements, B2 and B3 soft-ride truck replacements, interior overhauls and complete refinishing, among others.

Power your heritage streetcar fleet with BROOKVILLE’s experience restoring and remanufacturing heritage and PCC streetcars for some of the United States’ most notable transit agencies, including New Orleans Transit Authority (NORTA), Philadelphia's Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA or Muni).

Classic Replica Streetcars

Modern technology and nostalgia combine in BROOKVILLE’s original replica streetcars, which are fully customized to meet customers’ modern desires without sacrificing the aesthetic charm of yesteryear.

Featuring state-of-the-art propulsion and modern technology, including battery energy storage solutions, AC traction motors and modern replacements to classic B2 and B3-style truck designs, BROOKVILLE heritage streetcars are the perfect nostalgic accent to historical centers and urban areas seeking added charm, without sacrificing modern performance, reliability, and maintainability.

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Eagle Commuter Locomotives

BROOKVILLE’s cutting-edge Eagle Commuter Locomotives are at the forefront of modern locomotive design, with a sleek and aerodynamic all-steel bullet-nose, semi-monocoque frame design and an array of available EPA-compliant engine options at varying horsepower. Eagle Commuter Locomotives ride on BROOKVILLE’s adapted Blomberg trucks, featuring both disc braking and tread braking capabilities, while a separate head end power (HEP) gen-set provides power for auxiliary passenger amenities, including air conditioning, running water and electrical service in a range of capacities (350-800kW).

On the inside, a spacious cab interior with an ergonomic desk-style engineer console and touch-screen display allows instant diagnostics and electronic control of critical components both in the cab and at remote locations, providing optimum safety and comfort for locomotive operators.

BL-GH Series Multipurpose Locomotives

BROOKVILLE believes versatility is at the heart of efficiency. The BL-GH series provides the industry’s premier locomotive for maintenance and utility tasks, while a separate HEP gen-set offers the flexibility to enter into passenger service during maintenance downtimes and high ridership periods. The BL-GH series features a classic wide-cab design, ideal for multidirectional operation, and a variety of EPA-compliant engine options, based on power needs.

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Locomotive Rebuild and Remanufacture Services

For nearly two decades, BROOKVILLE has developed an extensive rebuild portfolio of locomotives of all shapes and sizes. BROOKVILLE is dedicated to working with passenger railroads to rebuild locomotives to exact specifications. From mild refreshes to complete remanufactures that involve stripping frames, complex critical component rebuilds and replacements, BROOKVILLE is equipped to assist passenger rail operators in getting the most from their existing fleet through refreshes, mid-life rebuilds and complete overhauls.

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Head End Power Integration

Positive passenger experience is a pivotal driver of ridership – and much of that experience can be derived from the dependable amenities provided by head end power (HEP). Whether your locomotive fleet needs HEP upgrades, replacement or a complete HEP integration, BROOKVILLE develops solutions that provide reliable, dependable power for passenger amenities through the perfect pairing of diesel generator and alternator systems, from 350kW to 800kW of power.

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Painting and Refinishing Services

Whether your passenger rail line has acquired pre-owned locomotives or weather and wear has faded your fleet’s colors and finishing, BROOKVILLE is equipped to recoat your roster for the long haul at our state-of-the-art locomotive painting and refinishing facility. With a media blast booth and two paint booths on-site, BROOKVILLE can efficiently refinish your fleet using state-of-the-art epoxy primer and color-matched polyurethane paints with custom vinyl graphics and decaling.

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Life Cycle ManagementBrookville Services offers customizable Life Cycle Management (LCM), maintenance and service packages to meet the post-delivery  and warranty support needs of BROOKVILLE customers, with planned on-site visits, on-call support, maintenance contracts, post-delivery troubleshooting, testing, training, and commissioning. In addition to OEM support, Brookville Services offers customizable LCM, maintenance and services packages, providing your fleet with premium third-party support.

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