Mining Division
Mining Division - 15Ton20Man

Rubber-tired Mining Units

Whether on rails or using rubber tires, BROOKVILLE builds all of its mining equipment vehicles to conquer the mine environment they encounter…while providing the smoothest ride available.  These mining units use high flotation filled tires to roll across the uneven road beds on a robust suspension system.

Tractors and Personnel Carriers

BROOKVILLE's customizable rubber tired mining equipment brings the same renowned American-manufactured quality, durability, and dependability that underground miners have come to expect in BROOKVILLE rail-mounted product to versatile rubber-tired haulage and transport solutions.

Custom-manufactured rubber tired mining equipment features BROOKVILLE's signature heavy-duty frame and the option for either battery or diesel power packages. Engineered for safety, with dry-chemical fire suppression systems, and comfort, with a marshmallow suspension over springs, BROOKVILLE's rubber tired mining vehicles are designed to meet your power needs in underground conditions and integrate into your mine's infrastructure.  

Diesel Slope Tractors

Mining Division - 50 Ton Tractor

The BROOKVILLE 50-ton diesel four-wheel drive slope tractor provides maximum power and added grip to overcome your steepest underground grades. With a centered articulation joint and low height (6 ft. 6 in. /  1.98m), the slope tractor provides added power with the ability navigate around tight turns and under low clearances. Fifth wheel, rail coupler, pintle hitch, and other cargo attachments make the units adaptable to your current operations.

Featuring BROOKVILLE's signature heavy-duty frame, planetary axles, a powershift transmission and transfer case, six-cylinder inline diesel engine, fire suppression system, liquid cooled disc brakes and an optional ceramic diesel particulate filter, the 50-ton slope tractor is built to the highest quality standards to provide you with durability and dependability for steep underground haulage applications.

Diesel Personnel Carrier

Mining Division - 20 man 15ton

BROOKVILLE's line of customizable rubber tired personnel carriers provide the ability to transport up to 20 men and provide the haulage capacity of a 15-ton tractor. Four-wheel crab and coordinate steering allow for optimal underground maneuverability.

BROOKVILLE rubber-tired personnel carriers include premium durability and a dependable power package, including a heavy duty frame, planetary axles, powershift transmission and transfer case, diesel engine, and liquid-cooled wet disc brakes. Safety features include a fire suppression system and optional ceramic diesel particulate filter. 

Ultra Low Height Diesel Tractors

BROOKVILLE 10 ton Diesel Inspection Vehicle

BROOKVILLE ultra low height rubber tired tractors provide maneuverability for mining personnel and supervisors in limited space. With a height of only 38 inches (96.5 cm), including the canopy, and seating for one operator and one passenger, the ultra low height tractor is designed to improve the efficiency and versatility of your daily underground operations.

Battery Tractor

BROOKVILLE 15 ton Battery Tractor

BROOKVILLE 15-ton battery haulage tractors package dual 100 horsepower motors, a solid state IGBT electronic control system, planetary axles, and liquid-cooled wet disc brakes into BROOKVILLE's signature heavy-duty frame to provide added traction for steep grade haulage.  

Battery Personnel Carrier

BROOKVILLE 15 Man RT Battery Personnel Carrier

BROOKVILLE rubber tired battery personnel carriers include dual 100 horsepower motors, a solid state IGBT electronic control system, planetary axles, liquid-cooled wet disc brakes, and BROOKVILLE's signature heavy-duty frame. With four-wheel steering and the ability to transport up to 20 personnel, BROOKVILLE rubber tired personnel carriers provide the versatility to transport workers to areas of the mine without rail access.