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BROOKVILLE Light Rail Awards Liberty Modern Streetcar

BROOKVILLE's onboard energy storage system (OESS) for its off-wire capable Liberty Streetcar was honored as the Technical Innovation of the Year at the 2015 Global Light Rail Awards in London. In 2018, BROOKVILLE was awarded Manufacturer of the Year.






BROOKVILLE Delivers First of Five Liberty NXT Light Rail Vehicle to Sound Transit’s Tacoma Link

BROOKVILLE’s latest Liberty NXT platform heads for its second location in Tacoma, Washington BROOKVILLE, PA. – Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) is preparing to deliver the first of five all new Liberty® NXT Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) to Sound Transit for its Tacoma Link system, supporting the 2.4-mile Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension of the current 1.6-mile Tacoma Link line, slated to open in 2023. The 66-foot-long vehicles are part of a $26.5 million contract for the design and build of the five LRVs for the extension. The Liberty® NXT LRVs will expand the service from the Theater District to popular destinations such as the Stadium District, Wright Park, and major medical facilities before reaching the Hilltop neighborhood. The Sound Transit Tacoma Link LRVs will include an eight-foot-wide car body with seating for up to 26 passengers, including four accessibility seats for passengers with bikes, wheelchairs, and the ability to comfortably transport more than 100 passengers. The new fleet will be ADA compliant with deployable bridge plates for easy boarding and roughly 68.570 percent low-floor available standing area. “I am just so proud of the BROOKVILLE team in seeing the great vehicles we are sending to Tacoma, Washington,” said BROOKVILLE Vice President of Business Development, Joel McNeil. “The success of this project is a direct result of professionalism from the Sound Transit team and partnership which has been established. We cannot wait to see the opening of the Hilltop Extension.” BROOKVILLE will continue the manufacturing of the remaining four vehicles for the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension. Deliveries of the Liberty® NXT LRVs will continue through 2022 in preparation for Sound Transit’s opening.

BROOKVILLE Repurposing NYCT Passenger Cars to Pump Train Specialty Vehicles for Emergency Use in Underground Subway System

BROOKVILLE was awarded a federally funded contract on October 21, 2021, for the conversion of a total of four retired R110A test fleet passenger railcars into two pump trains to be used for flooding mitigation in New York City Transit’s (NYCT) underground subway system.

BROOKVILLE Delivers First of Six Off-Wire Capable Liberty NXT Streetcars to Valley Metro’s Tempe Streetcar

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) recently delivered the first of six all-new Liberty® NXT Streetcar vehicles to Valley Metro Rail for its Tempe Streetcar system, slated to open later this year.

BROOKVILLE Delivers 100th Streetcar Vehicle and 50th PCC Streetcar in 2018, a Fitting Commemoration of a Century in Rail Equipment Manufacturing

On Sunday, October 14, 2018, the fifth of sixth PCC streetcar vehicles to undergo a complete overhaul and modernization program arrived at its destination in El Paso, Texas, marking the 50th PCC streetcar vehicle Brookville Equipment Corporation has delivered since entering the market in 2002, and serving as a fitting commemoration of a century of delivering custom-manufactured rail equipment to a host of industries for 100 years.

BROOKVILLE Awarded Manufacturer of the Year at LRTA’s 2018 Global Light Rail Awards in London

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) was named Manufacturer of the Year at the 12th annual Global Light Rail Awards in London on Wed., October 3, 2018.

BROOKVILLE Hosts 100th Anniversary Celebration

BROOKVILLE celebrated its 100th Anniversary on Friday, August 3, with nearly 800 guests, employees, families of employees, friends, suppliers, and industry members in attendance for food, fun and games, equipment expositions, and facility tours.

First of Five BROOKVILLE Liberty Streetcar Vehicles for The Hop Streetcar Arrives in Milwaukee

The first of five American designed and manufactured Liberty Streetcar vehicles arrived in Milwaukee for The Hop Streetcar the week of March 26, 2018, marking the fourth United States city to take delivery of Brookville Equipment Corporation’s (BROOKVILLE) signature modern streetcar vehicle platform.

First of Six PCC Streetcars Returns to El Paso Following Restoration and Modernization Program at Brookville Equipment Corp.

The first of six vintage 1937 Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars returned to the City of El Paso on March 19, 2018, following a detailed restoration and modernization program at Brookville Equipment Corporation’s (BROOKVILLE) manufacturing facility in Western Pennsylvania.

Brookville Equipment Corporation Delivers First of Seven Liberty Streetcars to Oklahoma City for MAPS 3 Modern Streetcar Program

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) delivered the first vehicle in an order for seven of its off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars to the City of Oklahoma City this week, making Oklahoma City the third American city to receive BROOKVILLE’s signature U.S. designed and manufactured modern streetcar vehicle since 2015.

BROOKVILLE Awarded Contract to Supply Five Liberty LRVs for Sound Transit’s Tacoma Link Extension

Sound Transit and Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) recently agreed to terms on a $26.5 million plus tax order for the design and build of five (5) Liberty Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs), which will support a 2.4-mile extension of the agency’s 1.6-mile Tacoma Link line.

BROOKVILLE Contracted to Design, Build Six Off-Wire Capable Liberty Streetcar Vehicles for Valley Metro’s Tempe Streetcar Project

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) will manufacture a streetcar fleet for Valley Metro Rail after being awarded a $33 million contract to design, build and deliver six off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars for the Tempe Streetcar.

BROOKVILLE Completes Delivery of Off-Wire Capable Liberty Streetcar Vehicles to Detroit for QLINE Ahead of Schedule

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) delivered its fifth and sixth off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars to Detroit in March, wrapping up vehicle deliveries to the new QLINE streetcar line ahead of contractual delivery dates and prior to the QLINE’s recently announced May 12 start of revenue service.

BROOKVILLE Earns Distinction of 'Highly Commended' for Manufacturer of the Year at Global Light Rail Awards in London

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) was honored as ‘Highly Commended’ for the category of Manufacturer of the Year at the Global Light Rail Awards on Wed., Oct 5 at London’s Honourable Artillery Company.

BROOKVILLE Delivers First Off-Wire Capable Liberty Streetcar to Detroit’s M-1 RAIL Nearly Two Months Ahead of Schedule

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) delivered the first of six off-wire capable Liberty Streetcars to Detroit’s M-1 RAIL this week for service along the QLINE – set to open in 2017 – nearly two months ahead of contractual delivery.

BROOKVILLE Ships Fourth Off-Wire Capable Liberty Streetcar to Dallas, Completing Option Cars Order Ahead of Schedule

Brookville Equipment Corporation’s (BROOKVILLE) fourth off-wire capable Liberty Streetcar departed for Dallas six months ahead of contractual delivery during the week of July 25, concluding manufacturing on an order of two option vehicles initiated in July 2015, which followed a base order of two vehicles delivered during the Spring of 2015.

BROOKVILLE Ships Third Off-Wire Capable Liberty Streetcar to City of Dallas, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) shipped its third of four American-manufactured Liberty Streetcars on order to the City of Dallas and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) this week, marking the completion of the first of two vehicles ordered by DART in a contract option exercised in July of 2015. BROOKVILLE is delivering the first vehicle within 12 months of the exercised option’s Notice to Proceed and six months prior to contractual delivery.

Oklahoma City Selects Brookville Equipment Corporation's Liberty Streetcars with Onboard Energy Storage Systems for MAPS 3 Transit Project

The City of Oklahoma City finalized a $24.9 million contract with Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) on March 22, 2016, for the supply of five Liberty Streetcars to support the City’s MAPS 3 Modern Streetcar program. The American-made, electric streetcars will operate downtown along a 2-mile east-west loop and a 4.9-mile north-south loop.

Brookville Equipment Corporation to Supply Four Liberty Modern Streetcars for City of Milwaukee's Starter Line

The City of Milwaukee and Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) agreed to terms on November 13, 2015 for the supply of four Liberty Modern Streetcars to the city’s 2.1- route-mile starter line in a contract valued at $18,620,841, with an option for an additional 20 vehicles to support the system’s expected expansion and future development.

Brookville Equipment Corporation to Restore and Modernize PCC Fleet for the El Paso Streetcar Project

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA), working with the City of El Paso, Texas, has agreed to terms with Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) for the complete overhaul, restoration, and modernization of six Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars originally manufactured in 1937. This agreement is for the forthcoming 4.8-mile El Paso Streetcar Project, which will return the City of El Paso’s PCC vehicles to service for the first time since 1974.

BROOKVILLE Liberty Modern Streetcar with Onboard Energy Storage System Wins Technical Innovation of the Year at LRTA’s 2015 Global Light Rail Awards

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) earned the award for Technical Innovation of the Year for its Liberty Modern Streetcar, featuring an onboard energy storage system (OESS), at the ninth annual Global Light Rail Awards in London on Wed., Oct. 7.

BROOKVILLE Gearing Up for Fall Events in Mining, Tunneling, Locomotive and Streetcar Industries

Brookville Equipment Corporation will exhibit at four industry events, covering every business unit the company serves, including mining, tunneling, freight locomotives, and commuter locomotive and streetcar products throughout September and October of 2015.

City of Dallas and Dallas Area Rapid Transit Exercise Two Vehicle Option on Off-Wire Liberty Modern Streetcars from BROOKVILLE

The City of Dallas and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) exercised an option on Thursday, July 9, 2015, for the delivery of two additional off-wire capable Liberty Modern Streetcars – extending a partnership with Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) that began with a March 2013 contract for two identical vehicles, delivered in the first half of 2015.

Detroit's M-1 RAIL Traveling Off-Wire with BROOKVILLE's Liberty Modern Streetcars

Detroit-based M-1 RAIL and Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) agreed to terms on Friday, June 5 for the supply of six off-wire capable Liberty Modern Streetcars for the 3.3-mile Woodward Avenue line, set for delivery to begin in the fourth quarter of 2016, with a contract valued at $32 million.

BROOKVILLE Delivers First Off-Wire Capable Liberty Modern Streetcar to DART for Dallas Downtown-to-Oak Cliff Line

DALLAS – Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) delivered the first of two off-wire capable Liberty Modern Streetcars to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) on Fri., March 20, 2015, marking the first-ever delivery of an American designed and manufactured off-wire capable modern streetcar to a U.S. transit agency for the downtown Union Station to Oak Cliff streetcar line, slated to open in April 2015.

Marion Van Fosson Appointed President of Brookville Equipment Corporation

Marion H. Van Fosson began his tenure as the President of Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) on Monday, Dec. 8, 2014, and will oversee the Pennsylvania-based manufacturer’s long-term strategy and daily operations across all business units, including mining, tunneling, locomotives, and streetcar products.

Brookville Equipment Corporation to Perform End of Life Rebuild of 16 PCC Streetcars for San Francisco MTA

Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) agreed to terms on Thursday, September 17, for the rebuild of 16 Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars, adding a minimum of 20 years of service life to the historic vehicles in a contract valued at nearly $34.5 million.

Brookville Awarded Contract to Manufacture First American Designed and Produced Off-Wire Capable Modern Streetcars for City of Dallas

BROOKVILLE and DART sign $9.4 million contract ordering the production of two off-wire capable streetcars for downtown Union Station to Oak Cliff streetcar extension project

BROOKVILLE-Powered Streetcars Delivering Football Fans to the Doorstep of the Super Bowl

New Orleans streetcar extension provides better access to citizens and visitors riding streetcars featuring BROOKVILLE propulsion systems.

Advances in Wireless Power Reiterate BROOKVILLE’s Commitment to Innovative Technologies

BROOKVILLE is on the leading edge of wireless power capabilities with its creation of two battery powered streetcars that incorporate non contact recharging systems.

Streetcar Revitalization Captures the Hearts of American Cities

Brookville Equipment Corporation is introducing its new modern streetcar design, costomized to enhance unique transportation systems across the United States. Streetcar initiatives are booming and BROOKVILLE is definitely taking notice!

BROOKVILLE - Committed to Keeping it Green

BROOKVILLE strives to reduce the impact each piece of its equipment has on the environment by designing it to surpass current emission standards and include efficiencies that add the greatest value.

Fleet Management Programs Improve Equipment Availability

BROOKVILLE develops Life Cycle Management (LCM) plans for its customers to offer turn-key service from product inception to retirement. A fleet-wide LCM program will maximize your equipment's profitability when the equipment has less down time.

BROOKVILLE Streetcar Restoration Work Puts Cars back in Transit Service

Old streetcars are being restored and modernized by Brookville Equipment using the unique skills of a once popular industry to put cars back into transit service in New Orleans, Philadelphia and San Francisco.


This past year has been one of many colorful and unique streetcars on Brookville’s production floor. San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority’s (MUNI) had contracted Brookville for two separate street car rehabilitation programs on part of its fleet of light rail vehicles.