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Mining PC at Tunnel Ridge

BROOKVILLE mining equipment adds value and safety to your rail locomotive with exclusive rerailing systems, premium exhaust treatment options, and extended lifecycle management plans.

Brookville is the number one supplier for the underground mining market in the United States and a leading supplier of underground haulage equipment worldwide. Each machine is sized to suit the customer’s individual application and can be further customized to include specific options. Using the latest technologies, Brookville ensures customers will always receive mining machines made to exceed the standard and outlast the competition. Brookville is the mining and rail locomotive industry's preferred brand of equipment. Believe in a BROOKVILLE

A customer request became a BROOKVILLE patented design when the first re-railing device was designed, tested and built for a rail locomotive, specifically underground mining locomotives. The unit hydraulically raises 12 inches with a steel platform pushing the unit up. A separate cylinder, mounted horizontally, allows the unit to move 8 inches sideways, moving the unit back onto the tracks. 

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