Streetcars Restoration

BROOKVILLE has over a decade of experience in the restoration of vintage trolleys and historic streetcars, for the rigorous use of everyday revenue service across American cities.

Train Car

Restoring the Past

BROOKVILLE has restored wood and steel constructed streetcars back to original condition after years of neglect with various levels of deterioration and wear. The manufacturing process includes the removal of asbestos and lead, common to many heritage streetcars.

BROOKVILLE is dedicated to working with your transit agency to ensure your restored streetcar fleet is precisely what has been envisioned for operation in the city streets or for display in trolley and streetcar museums.

Rusted Trolley
Rusty Street car
Rusted Streetcar
Rusted Streetcar
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Oklahoma City Streetcar – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City was the third American city to receive BROOKVILLE's signature U.S. designed and manufactured modern streetcar vehicle. The Oklahoma City Liberty Streetcars were delivered as part of a $33.7 million contract,…

Valley Metro – Tempe, Arizona

Valley Metro's Tempe Streetcar started delivery in early 2021, as part of a contract for the design, build and testing of six streetcars for the three mile system, to connect Tempe residents…

Sound Transit – Tacoma, Washington

Brookville Equipment Corporation started delivering in March of 2022 for the first of five all new Liberty NXT Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) to Sound Transit for its Tacoma Link System. These cars…
Train Car

Dart – Dallas,Texas

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Streetcar was the first-ever designed and manufactured, American made, off-wire capable modern streetcar in the United States. DART was also the first iteration of the Liberty…

M-1 Rail – Detroit

"End product surpassed both parties expectations and achieved all contracted performance criteria. Vendor established a true partnership and was transparent on every issue across the entire project life-cycle. Vendor has also been…"

Paul Childs

El Paso Streetcar

"You guys have been excellent to work with and El Paso has six better-than-new PCC-class streetcars."

Carl Jackson

City of Milwaukee

"The City of Milwaukee was very satisfied with the performance of Brookville Equipment Corporation, the quality of the final product, and believes it got good value for the investment."

David Windsor

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