Our technicians have extensive and unique experience, tailored to the needs of each type of vehicle. BROOKVILLE's techs are trained individuals with in-depth knowledge, who understand the function of your vehicle and challenges that may arise.

BROOKVILLE ensures personnel are properly trained for any job site.

Training & Commissioning

Brookville Services' OEM trained staff are equipped for any task involving a BROOKVILLE.

OEM Service Work

Brookville Services can implement Fleet Management contracts aligning with the Mine's Maintenance Programs.

Fleet Management Options

BROOKVILLE is prepared to assess your vehicle in the field to provide a scope of work for your rebuild.

Vehicle Rebuilds

Tom Fedigan | Director of Services

Brookville Services is founded on honesty, mutual respect, and commitment. Continuous improvement and innovation are second nature to our operation and is embraced by all. We have an experienced, engaged team with strong leadership, continuously striving to provide the highest quality service and solutions for our customers. Regardless of your needs, Brookville Services’ staff of professional Service Managers, Project Coordinators, technicians, and engineers is prepared to provide:

  • Training & Commissioning
  • OEM Service Work
  • Fleet Management Options
  • Vehicle Rebuilds

On behalf of the Brookville Services team, I thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to personally working with you to implement solutions that ensure the productivity, reliability, and most importantly, the safety of your fleet.

Tom Fedigan | Director of Services

Contact Tom at contact@brookvilleservices.com

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BROOKVILLE is a proud partner and provider of streetcars, locomotives, mining and tunneling equipment. BROOKVILLE offers on-site maintenance, support, and staff to ensure your vehicle is operating smoothly. BROOKVILLE isn't just a vehicle provider, we are a partner that lasts a lifetime.