BROOKVILLE Light Rail Awards Liberty Modern Streetcar

BROOKVILLE's onboard energy storage system (OESS) for its off-wire capable Liberty Streetcar was honored as the Technical Innovation of the Year at the 2015 Global Light Rail Awards in London. In 2018, BROOKVILLE was awarded Manufacturer of the Year.

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Brookville Equipment Corporation to Perform End of Life Rebuild of 16 PCC Streetcars for San Francisco MTA


Brookville, Pa. – Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) agreed to terms on Thursday, September 17, for the rebuild of 16 Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars, adding a minimum of 20 years of service life to the historic vehicles in a contract valued at nearly $34.5 million.

The end of life rebuild order includes 13 single-end PCC streetcars originally manufactured in 1947 and initially restored in 1993 after being purchased by SFMTA from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in 1992. Additionally, the order includes rebuilds for three SFMTA-original double-ender streetcars manufactured in 1948 and restored in 1995.

“BROOKVILLE is eager and excited to continue its longtime partnership with SFMTA through the restoration of these 16 PCC streetcars and to expand our portfolio in the United States streetcar market,” said Joel McNeil, BROOKVILLE Vice President, Business Development. “Muni’s legacy in public transit is one of the richest in the world, and BROOKVILLE is proud to be a longtime and future contributor to their fleet of PCC and heritage streetcars.”

The order marks the second partnership between SFMTA PCC Streetcars undergoing restoration at BROOKVILLE between 2004 and 2011. BROOKVILLE and SFMTA, after BROOKVILLE completely restored 16 PCC streetcars, including 12 single-end PCC streetcars and four double-enders, through a progressive refurbishment program from 2004 through 2012. That order also included a seventeenth car – Streetcar No. 1, which was the United States’ and SFMTA’s first publicly-owned streetcar, originally manufactured in 1912. A public unveiling and reintroduction of the streetcar was held in 2012 in celebration of SFMTA’s centennial anniversary.

Slated to begin immediately at BROOKVILLE’s main facility in Brookville, Pa., the rebuild order will include structural repairs to the carbodies, exterior refinishing, interior repairs and restoration – including refurbishment of passenger seating, stanchions and flooring.

The scope of work also includes the installation of new propulsion systems, with the exception of traction motors and foot pedal assemblies – which will be rebuilt. Additionally, the truck sets will be rebuilt and upgraded to include a new BROOKVILLE-designed disc brake system.

The Buy America-compliant project will be completed by 2020. At the conclusion of the project, BROOKVILLE will have made contributions to each vehicle in SFMTA’s PCC fleet since 2004.

SFMTA is the seventh largest public transit system in the United States, with a ridership of over 700,000 on an average weekday and maintains a fleet of over 1,000 vehicles. World renowned for their unique liveries, which serve as moving tributes to the historical streetcar systems of the United States and abroad, the symbolic PCC cars of the F-Line carry up to 20,000 passengers per day.

Headquartered in Brookville, Pa., in the scenic foothills of the Allegheny forests, Brookville Equipment Corporation is a world class American manufacturer of innovative powered transportation solutions for the mining/tunneling, rail freight and passenger transportation industries. BROOKVILLE contributed to the first American manufactured streetcars since the 1950s in 2001 and has modernized, manufactured and remanufactured PCC and heritage streetcars and trolleys for the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (NORTA), the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). Building upon the company’s 95 years of rail-mounted vehicle manufacturing experience and over a decade of streetcar manufacturing, BROOKVILLE introduced the innovative Liberty Modern Streetcar design in 2012 and is currently producing its first modern streetcars for the City of Dallas and Dallas Area Rapid Transit