9/14/2011 – Brookville, PA – Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) has recently introduced a new logo and website, as the company has expanded its capabilities into Streetcar Manufacture & Remanufacture and the Commuter & Industrial Locomotive industries.  BROOKVILLE continues its well-established, core focus on the Mining & Tunneling industry, which remains the bread and butter of the company’s business, as it has for the past 30 years.  As the company expands into new markets, the new Brand Identity provides a universal identity that more completely spans all of the product lines and markets served.  The former logo, that has been a keystone of the company culture for well over two decades, will continue to be an important part of BROOKVILLE’s heritage and its continued leadership position in the Mining & Tunneling industry.  This logo will be retained as a seal of importance, quality, and honor, consistent with the overall BROOKVILLE brand.

The graphic design of the new logo aligns with the forward thinking of the company, the power and strength of the equipment BROOKVILLE manufactures, as well as BROOKVILLE’s strong, motivated, and passionate team of employees.  Their highly educated managers, engineers, and professional employees consistently strive to produce the safest, most dependable, and most cost-effective equipment possible, thereby solidifying BROOKVILLE’s worldwide reputation for innovation and high-quality, American made products.  These attributes collectively lead to unsurpassed customer satisfaction delivered day in and day out.

With nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience, BROOKVILLE has a wide range of customers who have come to rely completely on their high-quality, durable, and safety-minded equipment.  BROOKVILLE is proud of its reputation as a company that provides excellent, safe, and highly trusted equipment, which their customers have come to know as the brand standard.  BROOKVILLE is dedicated to innovation, quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.  BROOKVILLE builds trustworthy products that meet or exceed its customers’ expectations.  The company reinforces and earns this trust every day; through the performance of its products, best of class customer service, the integrity of its company practices, and honest interactions with BROOKVILLE’s people.  BROOKVILLE customers, new and old alike, can “Believe in a Brookville,” and ultimately, believe in Brookville Equipment Corporation.

In addition to the recently introduced logo, BROOKVILLE’s new website has recently been launched.  The redesigned website,, will serve as a catalog for new and existing customers.  It has a clean graphical design, is easy to navigate, and consists of organized descriptions of each product category.  The enhanced website better represents the company’s level of quality and professionalism.  BROOKVILLE has built and maintained a superior reputation for manufacturing innovative transportation solutions.  They continue to grow and move forward with confidence and belief in their company, as symbolized in the new and innovative logo and website.

Said BROOKVILLE President, Larry Conrad, “At Brookville Equipment Corporation, we have a proud heritage of high-quality products and serving our customers with excellence since our founding in 1918.  Our highly motivated team of employees is deeply committed to the continued development of our innovative, powered transportation solutions in our three distinct divisions:  Mining & Tunneling, Streetcar Manufacture & Remanufacture, and Commuter & Industrial Locomotives.  As we expand into new markets, we are pleased to introduce our new Brand Identity, embodied in the new logo and website.  We are a strong and confident company, moving “full speed ahead” into the future, and no one is more thrilled about these expansions than I.  We will persist in our dedication to providing the highest quality products and most valuable customer experience, to ensure that our customers will always ‘Believe in a Brookville!’”

For more information, please contact Joel McNeil of Brookville Equipment Corporation at 814-849-2000 or

Headquartered in Brookville, PA, in the scenic foothills of the Allegheny forests, Brookville Equipment Corporation is a world-class American manufacturer of innovative, powered transportation solutions for mining/tunneling, rail freight, and passenger transportation.  BROOKVILLE products are custom designed to the highest engineering standards for quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. You can “Believe in a Brookville!”

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