BROOKVILLE Expands Product Portfolio with Mining Flat Car, Now Accepting Orders for 2024 Delivery


BROOKVILLE’s New Product is Available for 2024 Deliveries.

Brookville, PA. – Brookville Equipment Corporation (BROOKVILLE) recently launched its latest mining product, The BROOKVILLE Mining Flat Car.  The flat car was developed over the course of the last year in close collaboration with its mining customers. The 26-foot-long flat deck car weighs 13 tons and can hold a maximum capacity of 20 tons with the ability to negotiate 20-foot horizontal and 150-foot vertical turns.

Standard Features:

  • Standard Smooth Plate Deck Surface
  • Solid axle wheelset for durability and improved 20-foot curve negotiation
  • Sealed bearing for harsh environmental operating conditions
  • Adjustable coupler height to meet customer needs: 9.5” to 13.5” from top of rail
  • Compatible with and uses standard Willison style 25-inch shank couplers

Optional Features:

  • Draft Gear
  • Diamond Plate Deck

“BROOKVILLE remains committed to serving its mining customers through the development of new, reliable products, adding value to the hardworking crews in a critical industry,” said BROOKVILLE President, Rick Graham. “Beyond the tangible value and utility, a reliable flat car can add to the maintenance and operation of a mine, developing fleets of flat cars for our mining customers will simplify lifecycle management, with BROOKVILLE capable of serving as a single source of aftermarket support for rail fleets in the industry.”

BROOKVILLE and Blackhawk Mining, LLC. have agreed to test the pilot unit at one of Blackhawk’s mining locations, which will include onsite testing and validation. The rigorous testing process is currently underway and will continue over the next few months. 

This flat car is modeled as a flat car deck trailer and is designed to be hauled by locomotives through the mines to transport equipment or other operations and maintenance supplies.

BROOKVILLE is currently accepting orders for 2024 deliveries for Flat Cars. A Sales Manager is also available to talk about other locomotive or personnel carrier needs.

Headquartered in Western Pennsylvania, Brookville Equipment Corporation is a world class American manufacturer of innovative powered transportation solutions for the mining/tunneling, rail freight and passenger transportation industries. Originally founded in 1918 as a manufacturer of small industrial switching locomotives, BROOKVILLE’s product line has evolved to include the full-scale manufacture of underground mining and tunneling equipment, freight locomotives, passenger locomotives, modern and heritage streetcars, and contract manufacturing services.

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