BROOKVILLE is delighted to see groups such as Ohio Vintage Coal Company interested in the restoration of vintage machinery. In 2007, Ohio Vintage Coal Co. acquired a BROOKVILLE locomotive from Mississippi Lime Co. This locomotive was originally manufactured in 1962 and then restored by Ohio Vintage Co. in 2008. This restoration took place the same year BROOKVILLE happened to be celebrating its 90th anniversary.

After the restoration process was completed, the locomotive was used as a demonstration display at the 2008 National Convention of the Historic Construction Equipment Association in Brownsville, PA. This event was captured on video and can be viewed at:

Construction Equipment

Ohio Vintage Coal Company is a group of individuals dedicated to saving mining and industrial type equipment that has been used and manufactured across the United States. This non-profit group is passionate about preserving and restoring industrial technology for future generations. They hope to educate others on the importance of historic industrial equipment. The equipment, photographs, & mining stories that have been preserved by Ohio Vintage Coal Co. are toured throughout the Midwest to help educate people and school groups on our country’s industrial heritage.

We support the efforts of individuals that are devoting time to sharing the history of the industry that is so important to BROOKVILLE.

For additional photographs and a deeper look at the restoration process check out the following pages created by Ohio Vintage Coal Co.

Before restoration photos :
Brief timeline of restoration :

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