On January 3rd, Brookville Equipment Corporation reopened its Pickering Street facility with an operation of 10 men accomplishing the production of small light-weight vehicles. With an upgraded and newly reopened facility, BROOKVILLE is continually seeking to increase its mining manfacturing capabilities through production advancements and new technologies.

Pictured: A personnel carrier in the framing jig

By the end of 2011, BROOKVILLE saw significant growth in all three of its divisions causing the need for an additional manufacturing facility. In October of 2011, BROOKVILLE began restoration of its previous location on Pickering Street, left by the company in 1998 when the Evans Street facility was built. Following the move into the new facility, the old facility became an area for additional inventory to be stored. Due to the restoration of the building, BROOKVILLE has now contracted a local warehouse for its additional inventory needs.

Capital investments were made to support the facility’s improvements, including electrical and ventilation upgrades. New production equipment was acquired from the main facility, as well as new purchases of sheers, presses, and welders (Millermatic 350P and Dimension NT 450). 

Pictured: First and third stages of framing

With its opening on January 3rd, the Pickering Street facility began production, employing 10 workers with additional employees now being assigned to the production line on a weekly basis. By the end of January, a full shift of 30 to 35 workers is expected. Also, the option for a second shift has been left open. The reopening of the facility will now support the manufacturing of personnel carriers, maintenance carriers, jitneys, and jeeps from the framing stage through final assembly.

Pictured: Personnel Carrier

The facility holds four units at a time, and 10 to 12 units are anticipated to be completed each month once full operation is reached. This production pace will depend on the types of units in production at a given time. There are currently two units in production and the first will be in final assembly before the end of January. BROOKVILLE will also be working toward setting up a paint booth that will support the painting of parts used in the Pickering Street facility.

Pictured: Eight man track maintenance unit

The reopening of the Pickering Street facility is a great accomplishment through which BROOKVILLE’s growth and success this past year can be seen. The company is embracing change and expansion and looks forward to continuing through the New Year with a positive outlook for the future.

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