Stillwater Mining’s Nye, Montana operation received two new BROOKVILLE diesel locomotives to augment their operations. These units were constructed in 15 ton and 20 ton models that are identical matches to two units previously delivered to the Nye location. The locomotives operate via the latest Tier3 engine.  In addition to this, the units are equipped with handheld remote control capabilities that allow each matched pair to be controlled in a tandem configuration throughout the tight confines of the mine haulage track. Both sizes of locomotive feature rearward video cameras, air conditioning, and sound deadening cabs.

Pictured: 15 Ton (lifted) and 20 Ton (ground) BROOKVILLE locomotives joining Stillwater Mining’s operations

The BROOKVILLE locomotives will support Stillwater’s palladium, platinum, and gold mining operations in south-central Montana. Platinum group metals are rare precious metals that are used for a variety of applications such as auto catalysts, fuel cells, hydrogen purification, electronics, jewellery, dentistry, medicine, etc.

Pictured: 20 Ton BROOKVILLE locomotive pushing a portion of the TBM cutter head into the mine entrance

Pictured: 15 Ton BROOKVILLE locomotive awaiting mine entry in the midst of a beautiful Montana day

Stillwater Mining Company participates in the development, extraction, processing, smelting, refining and marketing of palladium, platinum and related metals from a geological formation in southern Montana called the J-M Reef. This formation is the world’s richest known deposit of the platinum group metals. 

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