This past week, BROOKVILLE attended a PR event in California where a BROOKVILLE manufactured CoGeneration™ locomotive was featured as part of the San Joaquin Valley’s efforts to reduce diesel emissions through new technologies. BROOKVILLE’s genset locomotive received a great deal of publicity at the event, highlighting the steps Brookville Equipment Corporation has taken to reduce emissions.

It is reported that the San Joaquin Valley has some of the worst air quality, asthma rates, and most polluted drinking water in the country. Due to this, concerns are rising for the health of those who live in the San Joaquin Valley. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that California was awarded $21 million in federal funding, through the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act, to improve air quality.  $5 million of the funding will provide cleaner locomotives for San Joaquin Valley.

A state-of-the art BROOKVILLE locomotive has been implemented into Central California Traction Company’s fleet and will operate between the Port of Stockton and Lodi.  This locomotive emits 90% less particulate matter and 92% less nitrogen than its predecessor; this would be equivalent to eliminating 1,000 heavy-duty trucks from the road. The train also cuts down on emissions used in energy production by utilizing a regenerative braking system that recaptures some of the energy that is otherwise lost as the train slows down.

Pictured: EPA Officials with Dave Buccolo (top row, third from left)

The remaining $16 million of funding will go toward cutting emissions, and advance air quality and public health in California. “I am glad that these funds have been awarded to California, and that good work will be done right here in San Joaquin County.  Applying new technologies will improve our air quality, something that is desperately needed in our region,” said Rep. McNerney. BROOKVILLE is excited to support the clean air efforts through California’s use of the CoGenerationTM BROOKVILLE locomotive.

Click on the following link to view media coverage of San Joaquin Valley’s new locomotive:

BROOKVILLE is always keeping its environmental impact in mind and stands proud of its ability to produce more fuel efficient/low emission locomotives. BROOKVILLE believes in implementing the most efficient technologies into its products; thus, giving its customers and community products they can depend on.  You can “Believe in a BROOKVILLE.”

To learn more about BROOKVILLE’s CoGenerationTM Locomotives, please contact Brookville Equipment Corporation at 814-849-2000 or or the Central California Traction Company at             209-466-6927

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