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Solutions for Mass Transit

BROOKVILLE's CoGenerationTM locomotive BMEX259 settles in at its new home with Central California Traction at the Port of Stockton, California.

BROOKVILLE's CoGenerationTM locomotive BMEX259

Brookville's diesel locomotive rail vehicles

BROOKVILLE locomotives add value to your operation with lower fuel consumption, highest tractive effort, and complete compliance with today's strictest emission requirements.

BROOKVILLE manufactures diesel electric locomotives and diesel hydraulic locomotives for service in a wide range of industries. Every locomotive built by Brookville showcases industry-leading expertise in design, manufacturing and efficient use of value-adding technology. BROOKVILLE transportation solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each customer to ensure customer satisfaction. 

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Brookville is safety focused

During the development of locomotives for use in the passenger and freight railroad markets, BROOKVILLE designed, tested, and built new welded frames surpassing current FRA and APTA standards.