Sharon Rapp Selected as Brookville Equipment’s First Employee of the Month


Sharon Rapp has been selected as Brookville Equipment Corporation’s Employee of the Month for January.

Sharon has been employed at Brookville Equipment Corporation for the past nine and a half years. She will be celebrating her 10 year anniversary in June 2024.

Sharon started out in the Project Management department as a Technical Assistant. Since October of 2020, she has also taken on the role of working the front desk, such as answering the phone and greeting guests.  She was promoted to Front Office Manager in June of 2022, along with her Technical Assistant position. She has continued to thrive in her job duties for the last three and a half years, since adding the additional role to her daily duties.

Sharon’s duties include assisting the Project Managers on certain projects she is assigned to. She is in charge of sending correspondence to the customer, taking meeting minutes, sending invoices, etc. Sharon is in charge of a lot of the backend paperwork in relation to the projects. Her main job duty as a Technical Assistant is to assist the Project Managers in whatever they need assistance with. Through her tenure, she has also assisted the Purchasing Department, in ways such as issuing quotes, assessing Buy America guidelines, sending out Purchase Order Requisites, etc.  Sharon has been able to grow her professional skills while being employed at BROOKVILLE, by learning how to balance responsibilities through each project. Through her new and past duties, it is very important to stay organized. Sharon has loved being the Front Office Manager, which includes mastering her interpersonal skills, while planning luncheons, food trucks, etc. Sharon also has a large part in planning BROOKVILLE’s Annual Christmas Party and Company Picnic. On the Technical side,  Sharon is responsible for assisting with three to four projects, at any given time. Two of her current projects she is working on are BROOKVILLE’s recently shipped Sound Transit and Portland streetcars. She has learned through her employment the capacity of what happens at Brookville Equipment. She has been able to see the projects from Contract Award, all the way through delivery and completion. She has a vast understanding of how the shop flows, how things operate and what exactly we are able to do as a company.

Sharon is able to keep herself motivated by staying busy. She likes to interact with coworkers on a daily basis. Sharon said one of the things she loves most about her job is feeling like she has completed something. She loves knowing she has a responsibility in making the product come to fruition, “It is amazing and a great feeling when you see the product being shipped to the customer, knowing I had a helping hand in that, it is really something to be proud of,” said Sharon.

During her free time, she loves to read romantic novels, go for walks and spend time with her family, including her dog, Azul. Her favorite thing to do is for her and her husband to take their yearly trip to Mexico for vacation. Her favorite place to stay is Puerto Vallarta.

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