BROOKVILLE has recently conducted a marketing research study involving streetcar initiatives proposed in cities in the United States. What the study unveiled is pretty exciting, considering BROOKVILLE is a manufacturer and restorer of streetcars. Close to a hundred cities across the United States are initiating streetcar projects or showing extreme interest in developing light rail systems in the future which shows the potential for  tremendous growth in the streetcar industry for years to come.

For over a decade, BROOKVILLE has been involved in manufacturing and remanufacturing streetcars for U.S cities with 68 streetcars currently in active operation in destinations such as Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, and the Los Angeles Area.  Along with its continued success in the restoration of older streetcars, BROOKVILLE is also maintaining a strategic plan focused on future opportunities which has led to a modern streetcar design. A modern streetcar design may be new to followers of BROOKVILLE’s previous PCC restoration work; however, it is the evolution of a decade’s effort developing solid propulsion systems behind a historic façade. The new modern Liberty Class Streetcar has been designed by BROOKVILLE’s experienced American workforce. Utilizing industry proven systems, subsystems, and components, the Liberty Streetcar meets all Buy America requirements, manufactured by an established skilled American workforce.

As part of the commitment to provide valuable transportation options, the Federal Transit Administration held a conference in Portland, Oregon on January 11th, 2012.  The purpose of this conference was to help transportation planners and developers from all over the country determine how to build and manage great streetcar projects in their communities. BROOKVILLE contributes to the Federal Transit Administration’s efforts by providing quality transportation required to boost economic development, improve mobility, revitalize businesses, and create jobs!

The BROOKVILLE workforce stands behind the designs and products they produce. They believe that American cities can benefit from our unique design customized to the specific needs required to enhance the transportation of each location.

What added value can BROOKVILLE provide? A dedicated team of workers that is attentive to detail and a product that is passed through each step of the production process by skilled hands.

When the purchase of quality transportation is a priority, you can “Believe in a BROOKVILLE”.

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