Streetcar Division

Modern Streetcars

For almost a century BROOKVILLE has been manufacturing quality American modern streetcars where all aspects from engineering and design to final assembly are a result of true American craftsmanship. 

Liberty Car

BROOKVILLE's Liberty Car designed and built for American service. Engineering and design of the Liberty streetcar began in 2010.  The new LRV platform will use industry proven systems, subsystems, and components.  The Liberty Car has been designed by an American workforce, using best proven technology from around the world and packaged for the North American market.    

All aspects are being considered in design to ensure these new modern streetcars will be accepted to move people efficiently, reliably, and safely to their destinations.

Liberty Car

The Liberty Car is partially low floor to increase accessibility and decrease dwell time for loading and unloading of passengers.  The Liberty Car is available in two body widths; different door configurations, various seating configurations, and differing body trim and paint schemes as a regular package.  BROOKVILLE realizes that cities have different characteristics and now our streetcars can best match them. 

Off-Wire Capabilities

Advanced features that are also being incorporated into this design include off wire operation for periods of time.  This feature will accommodate cities that have areas where overhead wire cannot be accommodated. 

BROOKVILLE has designed and is currently testing a completely wireless streetcar that is operated by batteries and charged through non contact charging. The batteries are periodically charged through induction coils that are located in critical areas along the route to incrementally charge the batteries located on the streetcar.  This is just one avenue BROOKVILLE is pursuing in offering streetcars with off wire capabilities.