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BROOKVILLE Light Rail Awards Liberty Modern Streetcar

BROOKVILLE's off-wire capable Liberty Modern Streetcar was honored as the Technical Innovation of the Year at the 2015 Global Light Rail Awards in London.

Liberty Modern Streetcars

For over a decade, BROOKVILLE has delivered quality American streetcar vehicles where all aspects from engineering and design to final assembly are a result of true American craftsmanship.

American Designed and Manufactured Modern Streetcars

BROOKVILLE’s Liberty Modern Streetcars are designed and built to serve America’s modern transit ridership. The new articulated light rail vehicle platform utilizes industry-proven systems, subsystems and components to meet the needs of modern cities and overcome the challenges of pre-existing infrastructures. Designed and manufactured by an all-American workforce using the best proven technology from around the world, the Liberty Modern Streetcar is packaged for the North American market.

All aspects have been considered in the design of the Liberty Modern Streetcar to ensure the vehicles will be accepted to move people with efficiency, reliability, and most importantly – safety.

Liberty Modern Streetcar

The Liberty Car is partially low floor to increase accessibility and decrease dwell time for loading and unloading of passengers.  The Liberty Car is available in two body widths; different door configurations, various seating configurations, and differing body trim and paint schemes as a regular package.  BROOKVILLE realizes that cities have different characteristics and now our streetcars can best match them. 

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Off-Wire Capabilities

With fully integrated on-board energy storage systems (ESS), BROOKVILLE Liberty Modern Streetcars are capable of traveling in areas of cities where overhead wire is unfeasible or undesired. BROOKVILLE offers a range of energy storage system solutions to best meet the needs of the streetcar line and pre-existing or planned urban infrastructure.



Lithium Ion Battery ESS
Featured on the Dallas-to-Oak Cliff Liberty Modern Streetcar, a redundant lithium ion battery system charges by utilizing the overhead catenary system (OCS) and provides power while crossing the one-mile Houston Street Viaduct. An integrated battery management system (BMS) monitors the current charge state of the ESS to ensure successful runs on the line. The battery ESS is ideal for longer off-wire runs, due to its ability to store high power loads and its low discharge rate.

Supercapicator ESS
An alternative to battery ESS, supercapicators provide a quick burst of energy for shorter off-wire runs. BROOKVILLE has the capacity to integrate supercapicator ESS into Liberty Modern Streetcar vehicles for applications such as meeting clearances under highway overpasses.

Induction Charging
Ideal for short lines operating without the use of catenary, BROOKVILLE’s under-mounted induction charging units charge without contact using in-ground induction coils at critical areas along the route, such as station stops, allowing the battery system on the streetcar to incrementally charge without the use of overhead wire.

Dallas Downtown-to-Oak Cliff Streetcar Development

Working in partnership with the City of Dallas and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), BROOKVILLE developed and shipped the first two American designed and manufactured off-wire capable Liberty Modern Streetcars. The Dallas Liberty Modern Streetcars feature an onboard lithium ion battery energy storage system (ESS), which powers the vehicles over the Houston Street Viaduct without the aid of an overhead catenary system (OCS). Since opening in April 2015, the new Dallas Streetcar now connects Union Station in Downtown Dallas to the Oak Cliff Neighborhood via a 1.6-mile starter line.


Dallas Downtown-to-Oak Cliff Streetcar - Key Features

The Dallas Liberty Modern Streetcar features an 8-foot body width, a unique exterior paint scheme and seating arrangement, as selected by the agency, in addition to the key standard features of the Liberty Modern Streetcar. Key standard features include over 70-percent low-floor space and an automatic leveling system for easy center-car boarding to enhance accessibility and reduce station dwell times.